She's a master at what she does, she's efficient, she knows the trade, she can make decisions quickly and she’s not expensive. I shopped around and she's the same price as others who don't have her reputation. I would recommend Connie to anyone.

Eric Bennett

Bennett’s Home Furnishings
Peterborough, Ontario

When it comes to exterior design, Connie is by far the best. She gave our entire building height on the exterior, and kept it open on the inside so that you can see the entire showroom when you walk in the front door. Look left, it’s a wow. Look right, it’s a wow!

Randy Coconis

Coconis Furniture
Heath, Ohio
Connie and her team understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and executed it to a ‘T.’ She’s very professional and made the entire process hassle-free.

Preston Matthews

Brown Squirrel Furniture
Knoxville, Tennessee
We turned to Connie Post because we wanted someone who would make certain the flow worked throughout the store, and that the furniture was properly placed. Today, our showroom is state-of-the-art, with interactive displays and a fun, hip environment. I don’t see how we could have done it without someone guiding us through the entire process.

Geoff Jackson

Mattress and Sofa Warehouse
Morrisville, Vermont
Our new mattress department has simply changed the way customers feel about Garden City Furniture. We couldn’t be more pleased with Connie’s team. The design has made the shopping experience better for the customer.

Dianne Ray

Garden City Furniture
Garden City, South Carolina
The look is a fresher than the presentations in a typical mattress specialty store, and a little more evolutionary. Connie and her team were good to work with and put a lot of effort into setting us apart. I’m very pleased with the results and the average SKU selling price is higher now.

Robert VanHoose

Big Sandy
Lancaster, Ohio
Connie is a true professional. She’s involved and relentless in her ability to get things done in a perfectionist-type way. Plus, she really takes her company name—Affordable Design—to heart.

Larry Carrico

Rent One
St. Louis, Missouri
Our community takes a lot of pride in who they are. By tying our store’s theme into our local history, Connie has helped make this their store.

Steve Manwaring

Creative Director, Boulevard Home Furnishings
Cedar City, Utah