Somerton Dwelling
Manufacturer's Showroom
High Point, North Carolina

When Somerton Dwelling rebranded in 2013, the company decided to expand their market showroom space. Their goal was to add a High Point showroom to the display space they maintain in Las Vegas. When a 16,500-square-foot space opened up in the centrally located IHFC building, they signed a lease, even though the space presented some major design challenges.

How major? According to Stephanie Lena, creative director of Somerset Dwelling, the new showroom was part of a larger, previously occupied space that had been divided in two. “The tenant who took the other half got the entrance, so we had to demolish the front of the space to create our own.” Another drawback was the showroom’s odd shape: Most of the display space was hidden from view, behind the other tenant’s showroom. And the rear of the space was divided into small rooms.

Connie Post and her Affordable Design team came up with a plan that turned this lemon into limonata. “We created a curved front wall with a large, eye-catching Somerton Logo in silver and red,” Post relates. “Beneath it we placed a curved hospitality desk. All these elements together draw visitors’ attention when they step off the elevator.” Since the showroom is situated at the end of a hallway, the curvature directs the traffic to a wide entrance to the right—maximizing the first fun storytelling vignettes (with themes like Sex in the City and Greenwich Village) that showcase Somerton’s stylish, modern furnishings for apartment living. Post also kept the small rooms at the back, and set them up to highlight certain types of product. Results: Somerton gave Post an A-plus for mission accomplished.