Folio 21

One of our most challenging assignments was the Folio 21 showroom, a start-up case goods company, at the High Point Market. The 11,000-square-foot showroom was located in the IHFC Wrenn Wing, Space 647, in a revamped space that formerly housed the Martha Stewart line.

While there were wonderful architectural elements in place thanks to the former tenant—wood floors, back-lit windows and rafter details throughout—there were also a number of structural challenges that needed to be addressed. The budget was extremely tight, as would be the case for any start-up in today’s economy, and needed to cover the creation of an entirely new brand identity and guest experience, as well as the accessorization of 23 collections.

The Connie Post Companies were involved in every design aspect beginning with the corporate logo and a new entry to the showroom. To make an impact, we played with the company logo in a big way: “Folio” was spelled out in five-foot-high; chrome-finished letters on the entry wall, with a huge, black “21” on the stained concrete floor beneath. Rather than keeping new product out of view of the hallway, which is the norm in most showrooms, we gave it a wide-open feel and boldly exposed the new product designs at the front door for all to see.

On the reception desk, and the walls immediately behind, we applied an trend-forward wallpaper pattern. This makes it simple, and cost-effective, to change the look of the front entrance to reflect the seasons and current trends. All it takes is a simple swap of wallpaper. The logo was also reinforced in the showroom’s hospitality area, with large “21’s” on the glass-top tables--emphasizing the cool, urban loft vibe of the Folio 21 brand.

Finally, we re-purposed all of the existing floors, paneling treatments, back-lit windows and French doors, updating them with paints in fresh, new fashion colors. Then, the entire showroom was accessorized using ColorPost, Connie’s highly successful, color-focused merchandising concept featuring IMAX decorative accessories.