HOM Furniture
New Store
Twin Cities, Minnesota
To take its recent brand repositioning to the next level, HOM Furniture, one of the country’s largest furniture chains, wanted to open a new multi-brand store in the Twin Cities metro area. The chain has recently expanded its reach by blending multiple furniture-shopping experiences in one location.

Connie Post and the Affordable Design team previously collaborated with HOM’s management team on two successful designs that joined HOM and DOCK86, one of the company’s brands, in side-by-side stores. DOCK86’s unique merchandise—showroom samples at a deep discount and unique products from overseas destinations such as India—contrasts with HOM’s more traditional furniture lines.
For this latest store, HOM wanted to merge those two existing brands with their latest acquisition, high-end retailer Gabberts, under one roof. Instead of compartmentalizing the open 175,000-square-foot space, Post proposed a free-flowing floor plan that seamlessly transitions from one store environment to the next. Kyle Johansen, Executive Director of Merchandising for HOM Furniture, Gabberts and DOCK86, describes the layout: “It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle within a big rectangle.”

Subtle differentiators, including floor materials, fixtures, décor and tags, of different colors or materials, help shoppers store environment they’re in as they move through the shopping experience. “We also created three circular architectural environments down the middle of the store and installed floating ‘cloud’ fixtures above certain display areas to define them,” explains Post. Additionally, the retail strategist created her signature, jaw-dropping lifestyle vignettes, such as a penthouse surrounded by water on three sides, which elevate the store’s visual impact.

HOM may be on to something big. If multi-brand stores continue to gain favor with shoppers, as they expect, they will be among the forward-thinking furniture retailers who caught the wave early. Note to retailers: Look and learn!