New Store
Heath, Ohio

For its newest store, Coconis Furniture purchased an old, 11,300-square-foot building in Heath, Ohio. While there was tremendous romance inherent in the pole-barn construction, typical of building techniques in the heartland, structural load issues for what the roof could handle, costs attached to insulation and HVAC made maintaining the existing skylights and lofty, rustic beams impractical.

The design team’s challenge here was to double the building’s footprint and create an updated look that would be right for the customer base and still feel at home in the surrounding farmlands.

We extended the existing metal building left and right. At only 90 feet deep, it was critical to visually capitalize on the building's new length, so inside, we created large, visual expanses to underscore the perception of broad product selection. We achieved this with a long, open aisle that travels the store’s length. Look left and you’ll see the mattress department at the end of the aisle. Look right, and the motion gallery beckons with large lifestyle graphics.

And, in a bit of Affordable Design sleight-of-hand, we mimicked the beautiful old beams on the interior with plywood and good-quality faux wood grain wallpaper. We also covered the interior columns in stone, identical to the stone we used on the exterior.

Just inside the entry, when customers look forward, they see an open stone fireplace with a flat-screen television (where husbands root for Ohio State on game days while their wives shop). The fireplace is surrounded by the upholstery presentation, while case goods line the perimeter of the store. To maximize the open layout, we created a series of lifestyle pods, from Lake House, to Traditional, to Contemporary, which negated the need for walls in the middle of store. Vinyl wood flooring used throughout adds to the residential feel of the entire space.

On the exterior, we created the illusion of architectural elements to break up the long roofline. Customers see two entrances. The main entrance beneath the tower features wood doors with an upscale residential feel, and plenty of windows that allow natural light to flood the interior entryway. The other opens into the Mattress First bedding department. This additional entry and applicable signage gives Coconis the look of a category specialist, and enables them to effectively compete with mattress specialty stores in their marketplace.