Boulevard Home Furnishings
New Store
Cedar City, Utah
Boulevard Home Furnishings saw an untapped market they wanted to enter in the mountain town of Cedar City, Utah.

They decided to build a new retail location—the fourth in their regional chain anchored by a 120,000-square-foot flagship store in St. George, Utah—from the ground up by partnering with Connie Post and her Affordable Design team. Post, who had already overseen an inventive transformation of their St. George showroom, understood the Boulevard concept and knew how to bring a fresh, regional twist to the Cedar City store. “Our St. George store has a nostalgic, Old West feel,” says Boulevard Home Furnishings CEO Sheldon Wittwer. “For this smaller location, we wanted a similar feel.”

What all Boulevard stores have in common is a central thoroughfare, or boulevard, reminiscent of Main Street in a small town. However, to give the Cedar City store individuality, Post’s design pays homage to the town’s past and celebrates its cultural vitality. The town’s rail line and train depot, built in the 1920s, put it on the map and transformed it into a hub. The entire store is modeled after a train terminal, and the guest services desk resembles a ticket booth. Post also introduced a spectacular “wow” moment, as she does with every project. “We had a large replica of a locomotive custom built that emerges from a wall as though it’s about to speed through the store,” she says.
Many people own cabins and vacation homes in the mountains surrounding Cedar City. Post brought that lodge-style flavor into the retail environment with five natural gas fireplaces, one with a tall, imposing stone façade. She also added a space to celebrate Cedar City’s annual Utah Shakespeare Festival. The store displays elaborate Elizabethan costumes from the troupe’s performances there. An experiential kids’ area keeps the little ones busy shooting hoops with Nerf balls and provides a chalkboard wall. Indirect, natural light from a clearstory that runs the length of, and above, the central boulevard illuminates the storeReinforcing the fresh, industrial feel is a service counter made from corrugated tin.

Steve Manwaring, creative director, advertising department, for HOM’s three major brands sums up why the design works well for his company’s market. “This community takes a lot of pride in who they are. By tying the store’s theme into its history, Connie has helped make this their store.”