Big Sandy
Lancaster, Ohio
Top 100 furniture retailer Big Sandy has unveiled a new flagship, 45,000-square-foot format featuring three entrances—one for the main showroom, one for electronics and one for mattresses. Among its many highlights is a reimagined, 5,400-square-foot bedding department where the focus is on selling better sleep. Indeed, lettering inlaid in the white floor at the entry of the department actually spells out the following message: Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

“CEO Robbie VanHoose wanted to dominate the market,” Post says, “so rather than build a department around marketing messages from each vendor, we chose to build the department around a common question that people are typically asked in the morning: ‘How did you sleep last night?’ In fact, this question is so commonly asked in the morning, that we in the industry forget just how powerful the words really are.”

Throughout the lifestyle-driven department, the Affordable Design team emphasizes the phrase, spelled out on crisp navy and white walls. On one white wall, the word “sleep” is written in large, blue lettering. “The word sleep is literally 6×8 feet wide,” Post notes. Sheer draperies separate the mattresses, while the stylish environment is lit from above by chandeliers with blue shades, and track lighting featuring cool, blue lights.

According to VanHoose, “The look is fresher than the presentations in a typical mattress specialty store, and a little more evolutionary than the average bedding department. Connie and her team were good to work with and put a lot of effort into setting us apart. I’m very pleased with the results and the average SKU selling price is higher now.”