Research has shown that consumers formulate many opinions about a retail establishment from the appearance of a store’s exterior. In fact, how your store looks on the outside often determines whether anyone decides to walk through your front door in the first place.
“Connie Post knows how to inspire female shoppers to buy. In today’s retail marketplace, consumers choose the better shopping experience. When we decided to redesign our store, we considered a number of architects and retail design specialists. Connie Post demonstrated the superior knowledge of what our customers want and how to create that experience in our store.”
Michael Slone
Vice President
Slone Brothers Furniture
Orlando, FL
Slone Brothers Furniture
Longwood, Florida
Since consumers equate a store’s selection with its size, we extended the face of this 75-foot storefront an additional 20 feet in length with an affordable cinder block wall to make the store appear larger. The front of the building was squared off and we gave it some height with the addition of a parapet–making the store much more noticeable to passing motorists. Design elements such as the stone accents and up-dated lighting echo upscale residential trends. The result is a substantial presence that speaks to the demographic the retailer was looking to attract.